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‘Play It By Ear’
PIBE is a quarterly womenswear and menswear journal
focused on fashion, beauty and art.


PIBE Autumn 2017 ~ Out Now

PIBE Autumn 2017 ~ Out Now

FASHION online ~ The Past Doesn’t Pass Away So Quickly Here

FASHION online ~ The Naked Truth

BEAUTY online ~ Behind Transparency

FASHION online ~ I Am Deliberate And Afraid Of Nothing

ART feature ~ A Free World Is Coming
Maxine Helfman is the master of light, the subtle uninhibited gaps in time that last millions of “one hundreds of a second” on average

BEAUTY online ~ Lines Of Thought

FASHION feature ~ Transform To Freedom
In tune with our theme this issue, “Free Speech”, we caught up with cool cat Jazzelle and asked her to comment on some topics that are frequently being discussed in society at the moment

ART feature ~ “Free Speech Zone”
Damla Özdemir’s new project “Free Speech Zone” presents collages based on stop-motion animation techniques and digital art practices

BEAUTY opinion ~ The Furious & The Fragile
When rights are restricted there are two choices: riot and revolt or get quietly creative: the question is, which one will Generation Next choose?

ART feature ~ Below Her Mouth
In tune with the UK release of Below Her Mouth, PIBE catches up with Erika Linder about her thoughts on the impact of the modelling industry and her transcendence into film

FASHION feature ~ True Confidence
Curious, optimistic and experienced, Daphne Selfe is the answer to your everyday inspiration

ART news ~ Naga Hills
David Bailey’s desire to visit the Naga Hills has been with him since youth, yet access had been continually restricted because of war and unrest – until 2012 when that wish finally became a reality

ART opinion ~ The Politics Of The Senses
Any act of producing modern art, from the visual arts to performing art, drama, music and poetry, is culturally charged

ART feature ~ Enigma Variations
Exploring the idea that eventually we will discover who we've - to quote his novel Enigma Variations - ''always known we were'' is professor and novelist, André Aciman

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